Test your webpage here to see if it has the basic building blocks for a successful SEO or PPC campaign:

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Whilst high quality inbound links demonstrate the external value of the domain whilst informative and well-respected content is the bedrock of authority (particularly if propagated via social media and external links), a site can only truly begin to benefit from these factors once it had strong foundations in the form of adherence to technical and usability best practice - without the basics in place, your site will be communicating ineffectively with Google and this will hamper all other potentially beneficial work.

Simply put, Google needs to be able to cache your site in order to assess it and there is much you can do to facilitate this, ensuring it takes as much information from your site as possible and allow you to direct its attention in desired directions. Furthermore, Google wants to see that you help your visitors as much as possible by directing them appropriately and quickly where they want to go. It analyses this information via the Analytics data, where it can track user interaction (bounce rate, time on site, pages visited, conversions, etc.)

The analysis is, by its nature, a limited snapshot – both of the site itself and of the more sophisticated analysis that we conduct within our campaigns. Nevertheless, we hope it provides a useful starting point in assessing the quality of your site’s best practice compliance and steps to improve its visibility and authority when cached by Google.