I think it’s fair to say that most SEO companies agree, social media play a role in the wider SEM portfolio. To what degree is perhaps less of a unanimous verdict. When reading Search Engine Land recently, I came across the linked article. It raised several great points, that I think translate into SEO provision as well as the original subject of content marketing.

So here are 3 common social media mistakes that are made as part of a wider SEO strategy:

SEO Links

Even Google representatives (2015) have referenced that links still play an integral role in the core algorithm. Even noting that the sandbox trials of the link-less version led to far lower quality in terms of results. Another key point to remember is that in the annual services of SEO metrics that matter, the influence of social media shares is still low. So in terms of SEO, what is the point of this social media activity? In short to get your content out into the world, where people can link to it from their own sites and blogs. These links are far more valuable than a liked post! Many people forget this.


With the above point in mind, this is where influencers (or the ‘Linkerati”) come into play. To have a link to your content featured on their prestigious and relevant blogs/ websites would be a boon to your link profile. This is where targeting your content and your outreach come into play. Many SEO managers miss the opportunity to attract the interest of these high quality peers and instead focus solely on the potential customers.

Power Users

This is an extension of the previous point to a degree. This time, the emphasis is social media power users. These are the people with a vast but engaged audience on various social platforms. By attracting a power user to redistribute your SEO content, it increases the likelihood that an Influencer will click through to your site. Many people begin a social media campaign by aiming to build a large following of their own in a short period. A simpler method is to form early relations with a power user or two, who will reach a large audience without the hassle. For a cheeky extra tip under point 3 – don’t forget to play the spread of social media that is relevant to your website. Reddit and Tumblr are often overlooked, but both offer users that are typified by levels of engagement. That said make sure it is relevant, for example plumbing companies in Doncaster don’t really suit the Pinterest crowd’s needs.
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