Promoting Content for Search Engine Optimization in the UK

February 26, 2015 - Digital State Marketing

As part of search engine optimization in the UK, it is important – if not essential – to produce quality content. Many of us, however, find that no one reads our content, so even you were publishing some ground-breaking stuff, no one would notice. This may not be because your company is not popular enough, and could have nothing at all to do with the quality of your content. It is likely, instead, that you are simply not promoting your content effectively enough. If no one knows your content is out there in the swamp, then no one is going to read your work – simple as.

So how can you promote your content to make it more effective for search engine optimization in the UK?

Social Networks 

Firstly, you should ensure that you share your content across all of your social networks so that all of your followers are aware of your content. Don’t be afraid to post the content more than once, either, as lots of people will miss it the first time around. Also ensure that your article has options for sharing, so anyone who likes it can easily share it with their friends too. This helps spread the word about your content beyond your social circle, and if your content is then shared further by friends of friends and so on, your content could spread far quicker than it ever would have without being shared.


When marketing content, it’s helpful if you have an email list. By giving customers the option to subscribe to an email newsletter, you help ensure that you are kept at the forefront of their minds as they will be reminded of you whenever you send a newsletter. In these newsletters you could either include the full article, or short extracts of articles with links to the full articles. Be careful, however, as you do not want to bombard your readers with emails or they might unsubscribe.

Approach Industry Influencers 

Within your industry there will no doubt be a number of influential bloggers. One way of promoting your content is to approach the appropriate bloggers and let them know about your article. Make sure you research the bloggers well and only send them articles that are most appropriate to their blog, otherwise they might lose interest in you and any future relevant articles. Don’t ask for them to link to your piece or share your content – people are less likely to read it, never mind share it, if they know that you only contacted them for links. Build a relationship, and give them something they are genuinely interested in.

There are a number of ways of getting people to link to and read your content, and this list is just the beginning. For more information and help promoting your content, making it more effective for search engine optimization in the UK, talk to somebody at Digital State Marketing today.