5 Steps to Improve Search Marketing CRO

5 Steps to Improve Search Marketing CRO

You are probably working hard on an SEO and marketing strategy aiming to bring new and repeat customers to your website. However high your levels of traffic, the key area is if this traffic converts. If the traffic doesn’t convert, then these efforts are potentially wasted. This is where search marketing CRO comes in. CRO (conversion rate optimisation) used to be judged as a separate entity to SEO, but increasingly there are overlaps between the two. Both elements are important if you want to drive traffic to your site that converts.


At Digital State Marketing we have come up with 5 easy to follow steps to help improve your search marketing SEO.
1. Whilst optimising meta data is traditionally seen as an SEO activity, having compelling meta titles and meta descriptions is also part of search marketing CRO. The meta description in particular should contain engaging, unique text that includes an action verb or call to action to encourage click through. SEOmoz says this succinctly “Meta description tags….are webmasters opportunity to advertise content to searchers and let them know exactly what the given page has with regard to what they’re looking for.”

2. It is important to have call to actions on your webpages. However, if you fill the page with CTAs, then users are likely to become confused and leave the page. Sometimes it is better to have a little less information to make an impact. The location of your CTAs is also important – where possible try to place them above the fold and test them on mobile devices so you can see where they feature on different screen sizes. Changing mobile design can have a marked influence on conversion rates. We completed work on the mobile layout and responsiveness of a site and, within the first month of the changes being made, transactions increased by 87.01% and mobile transactions by 3,100% in year on year figures.

3. Test your site as a user. Your website is probably your baby – you had a vision and it is now a reality that you love. However, to fully evaluate your site, you need to remove your blinkers and view your site impartially. Use analytics to see where users exit the site and use the site as a user would. If you get to the checkout and find you need to fill in lots of information, taking a long time, and you notice that lots of users leave at checkout, then this immediately flags as an area that needs optimisation in order to help the conversion process.

4. Users are very focused on the content of a site. Everyone knows how important good, unique content is to SEO but content also extends to CRO. Whilst written content is crucial in helping increase conversions, one area that can be overlooked is visual content. If images on the site are poor quality, then a user is likely to overlook the product or service on offer. You may sell the best camera online at the most competitive price but if the accompanying image is poor quality, then users aren’t likely to buy it. Equally, if your company sells services such as kitchen installation, then users are not likely to use your services if the pictures of your kitchen installations are dark, cluttered or taken from bad angles.

5. Remember to monitor and evaluate the effect of any changes made. This enables you to gain an insight into what works on your site to get the desired results. This can then be used to effectively drive forward a more successful search marketing CRO programme.
If you are interested in search marketing CRO then contact the team at Digital State Marketing. We can perform detailed audits on your site to highlight areas in which you can improve.