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Search Marketing: How to approach writing technical content

As a search marketing company, we understand the importance of writing quality content in order to reach your target audience. It is important to achieve the right balance between understandable content and quality content. We ensure the content we write is to the highest quality, that is clear and easily readable, in order to entice your target audience as a whole. However, there has seemed to be an element of difficulty when it comes to writing technical content and what approach should be taken. You want a piece that reaches both your regular audience, and those with a greater technical understanding. But how is this achieved?

First things first, you should always consider your target audience. Who will be reading the content? Surely a technical piece of content would warrant an audience with a higher reading and academic level in this area. Therefore, you gear your writing towards such an audience. However, what about the rest of your audience, such as those who have an interest in this topic, but do not have the knowledge? A highly technical article will alienate these members of your audience. Therefore, for this audience you want to produce content which explains the topic in a simplistic and understandable way. But is this at the loss of the more technically knowledgeable audience?

Time for some clarity. So which target audience do you write for? As an SEO company, we value the importance of catering for all your online audience. You want to engage both the average reader and the more technically knowledgeable. So what approach should be taken? Should the content be geared towards an audience who are novices on the topic so that they can understand it and expand their knowledge? On first consideration, it would seem this is the best option as it is readable and understandable to a greater audience at large. However, there is the issue that a more simplistic technical article, could lose the interest and engagement of a more technical orientated audience.

DSM believe it is not what the content says, but how it is said. You want to write content in a way that is accessible and valuable to both sets of your audience instead of focusing on one and alienating the other. This was affirmed by Matt Cutts who stated it is more beneficial for your site if you combine both clarity and understandable content as it is accessible to regular people. He then added that you can then include the scientific terms or industry jargon that is necessary.

What can we take from this? Cutts has affirmed that when writing content it is important to strike the balance between technical writing while still ensuring that the average person can understand such content. We keep our content, interesting, topical, clear and understandable. This way we explain the topic well, so it is understandable to a regular person who wants to expand their knowledge of the subject and affirms the current understanding of the more technical. We will then go down a more technical route and incorporate technical terminology. We therefore meet the needs of all your audience.

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