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Authority versus Popularity in search results

Google updates its algorithms on a daily basis and Matt Cutts (the head of Google’s web spam team) has recently discussed how Google is starting to separate between page authority and page popularity. This will be of great interest to anyone involved in search engine optimisation and especially to the Digital State Marketing who are a google partner Manchester.

Matt states the algorithm needs to be able to distinguish between authority and popularity because despite the fact that they are both ranking signals a site with true authority should be given higher status than one based purely on popularity. This means that the algorithm google are working on will ensure if a site is seen to be an authority on a specific subject such as travel, legal or medical matters that it will rank higher than a site with less authority.

Matt discusses the fact that the page rank is often mistaken as a gauge of a sites popularity when in fact it can be seen as a measure of its reputation. He uses the example that if page rank were purely due to popularity then it would have very different results, with things such as porn sites ranking highly rather than authoritative pages such as government websites.

Any search marketing company hearing this news will already be striving to ensure that content on their client’s websites is clear and stays focused on relevant topics. However, as these algorithms are rolled out it will become ever more important to ensure content is relevant and to the point. If it is, then it will ensure that your page rankings can rise as google determine you an authority on that subject area.

By liaising with a search marketing company such as Digital State Marketing it will ensure that the content on your website is authoritative and that your page rank goes up rather than down. As a google partner Manchester, Digital State Marketing understands what changes you will need to make to ensure your site remains an authority in its area and to maintain and increase its page rankings.

As a search marketing company we offer a range of services such as writing quality content, running social media campaigns, managing pay-per-click accounts and more. For more information and to see how we can meet your needs contact the Digital State Marketing today.

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