Baydonhill is the UK’s only publicly listed foreign exchange and overseas mortgages specialist, trading on the Alternative Investment Market since 2004. Based in London, they provide a personalised service for Corporate & Private Clients alike, giving full access to all international money transfers at commercial rates of exchange & regularly saving clients up to 4% over high street rates. By providing unparalleled currency brokerage, they help tens of thousands of clients in a wide variety of transactions, including the sale or purchase of overseas properties assets, repatriation of funds & regular overseas invoice payments.

Our initial consultation with Baydonhill identified a desire to reduce their dependence on Adwords traffic. To satisfactorily repackage their marketing strategy, we advised a gradual transition of budget from their Adwords campaign to their SEO work. By keeping both marketing avenues under the same roof, we could guarantee a more dovetailed management and maintain a front page presence through the Adwords whilst establishing credible organic SERPs to supersede it.

We instigated a complete overhaul of their Adword campaign to maximise the efficiency of click-through rate and, ultimately, conversion rate as its intensity decreased. Furthermore, with a more focused structure to the campaign, it allowed for easier management of the transition towards natural listings. We are on course to achieve our mutual target on stopping all Adwords work by the end of February 2011 to concentrate entirely on maintaining and developing their organic search rankings.

Our SEO role involves an intensive programme of quality link-building, coupled with on-site work to allow better quality analysis of the increased organic data that has started to appear. Since the start of the campaign, we have seen a 46% increase in new visits to the site, along with a much improved analytical foundation upon which to design future strategic marketing movements.

As with all our clients, we strive to ensure that our relationship management adds an extra dimension to the service we provide. Over and above the technical aspects of our SEO and PPC work, we are always focused on working in partnership with our clients to maximise the potential of all marketing campaigns.