Having a well designed web site will not only be beneficial to your business in today’s electronic world but will also help you save money.

1st Choice Promotions can help you move your business forward in the global market. We understand that there is more to a website than good design and that it must follow the rules of Search Engine Optimisation etc to be a success. We also understand a badly designed website will reflect badly on your business.

Saves money on advertising. With a web site your quarter page advert can tell the world about your company, your product(s)/service(s), special offers etc. You may even be able to take a smaller ad and simply say visit us at www.mycompany.com
Can carry much more information about your products/services than a printed brochure
If you do not find it cost effective to have a well designed printed brochure perhaps because your prices or specifications change frequently then you may find it more economical to have a website with all your latest prices.
You can send out less printed matter. If an enquiry comes by e-mail you can simply send them a link to your site
If the enquiry is abroad he/she will see your information while they are still interested rather than waiting for up to a week for the Post Office to deliver and therefore go off the boil.
Low priority enquiries can safely be directed to the web which will cost you nothing.
You can have a detailed street map showing your customers exactly where you are
Your customers can download product specifications/manuals in PDF format