Brand impact in Search Marketing and direct traffic

//Brand impact in Search Marketing and direct traffic

Brand impact in Search Marketing and direct traffic

Here at the Digital State Marketing, our team strive to keep abreast of current trends within the realm of SEO and search marketing as a whole. As such this month we have been investigating the impact of brand and direct traffic within search results.

In September 2012, Matt Cutts announced the introduction of the Exact Match Domain (EMD) update, which led to the devaluation of many domains that featured exact key words in the URL (for example Historically EMDs had fared better than average in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

This update can be seen as a step closer to Brand being incorporated highly in the algorithm. There are several ways in which Brand could be encompassed in search marketing, such as social media metrics, branded terms and direct traffic. Pay Per Click (PPC) will also inevitably play a role (as Google’s primary revenue source, it makes sense that it will influence SERPs).

As an interesting aside, the battle for the branded online insurance comparison market already demonstrates the importance of brand within PPC, if you type in either “Go Compare”, “Money Supermarket” or “Compare the Market”, you are likely to find at least one of the two using PPC to appear on their competitors brand (see the images below).

Compare The Market

Go Compare

Money Supermarket

How each of the elements identified will be included into future metrics has yet to become clear (if, indeed they will be at all).  As an ethical and proactive search marketing company, we will be continuing our research, in order to provide the most up to date solutions that we can. So keep checking back to the site for the latest news from the world of SEO.

If you are interested in rebranding your website or altering your current site to better reflect your brand, Digital State Marketing can help you. Check out our premium web design pages for more information. The incorporation of well designed social media icons and feeds is a common request from many of our clients. These simple links create an easy way for people to share your content, rather than simply reading and leaving the site.

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