At the Digital State Marketing we offer a range of products and services designed to increase visibility in the search engines.  Content creation, link building, tagging work and social media management are just some of the weapons in our SEO arsenal. Alternatively, many companies opt for a PPC solution, enticed by the prospect of instant visibility. However, this is only half the battle! How many of your visitors lead to a conversion? Is there a particular page where they suddenly loose interest and leave? Do they even make it past the home/landing page? A good search marketing company will be able to take the data from Google Analytics (if installed on site) and create a profile of this data for you, which will guide them to the problem pages. Calls To Action (CTA) are the life blood of good website design, they allow you to steer users to relevant pages and closer to the conversion (either data collection, ecommerce or simply to get them to call your company).  You will recognise CTAs when you start to look closer at common websites, scrolling images with clear purposes. For example below is a screenshot of taken on the 10th September 2013.

Argos homepage Screenshot

Within the images you can see numerous clear CTAs, the baby and toddler offer is part of a scrolling set of similar images, leading users directly to a highly tailored landing page (which then goes on to feature alternative products).  As with all good web design the navigation is clear and consistent throughout the website, allowing the user simple access to all areas of the site. Also note the use of different colours on the price cuts and clearance offers, in order to draw the eye to a traditionally less viewed section of the page. Clear cut CTAs such as these enable your users to find what they want with the minimum of time and clicks. As a search marketing company who have analysed keywords and visitor paths for years, it has become explicitly clear that users would prefer to try another search than endure two more clicks in a simple process. There are two main areas when this phenomenon is most obvious, popups and the checkout process.  See the screenshots below for poor examples of popups from high-street branded websites, both are placing at least one extra click prior to the user seeing any of the products. Furthermore, both popups are simply data gathering opportunities with little benefit to the users.

Examples of popups sept 2013
While this is frustrating and can lead to increased homepage bounce rates, a faux par in the checkout process can be even more costly. Errors in the checkout process while being irritating, also have introduce an extra level of security doubt into a user’s mind. While internet sales are still increasing, there are a significant number of users who fear the payment process after hearing horror stories of credit card fraud etc. Extra steps such as moving to an external checkout without matching design can be alarming for users and lead to them cancelling the process.For more information about CTAs and web design ask the UK based search marketing company DSM, Our team will be more than happy to help.