How can Google+ help with your websites SEO?

//How can Google+ help with your websites SEO?

How can Google+ help with your websites SEO?

As an online company, there are many tricks you may be missing that can help improve your Search Engine Optimisation. For instance, you may be underestimating the power of social media to promote awareness of your company and drive more traffic. As an SEO company, we are here to help drive notable results for your site, that’s why we were interested by a recent report from the New York Times revealing the impact Google+ can have on your websites SEO.


This report cast a light upon the infamous coffee company Starbucks as using Google+ in the aim of influencing their search results. But how did they do this? Alex Wheeler, vice president of Starbucks revealed how they would take a web users approach when creating Google+ posts. So, they would think about what their target audience would search for and how they can incorporate this into their posts. Wheeler reported that when they think about posting on Google+ they consider “how it relates to our search efforts.”  This is a prime example of how using different (legitimate) techniques can have such a big impact on search results.


We analysed the difference in audience volume when comparing the Facebook page and Google+ page of Starbucks. Google+ currently stands in the low 3 million region, whereas their Facebook page towers over this with a 36 million audience amount. Clearly, with such a great social media presence on Facebook, it may be questioned why they need to make the effort with Google+ at all, especially when it reaches a significantly lower audience. The answer is clear. It betters their search results. This is emphasised in the words of the New York Times that Starbucks updates its Google+ page “for the sake of good placement.” According to the report, Starbucks even takes advice from Google representatives on how to optimize Google+ content for the search engine.


At the Digital State Marketing, we know the importance of generating a legitimate and quality online presence in order to improve an online business. This is why we understand the motives of Starbucks when using Google+. With regular posts on this site, such posts will appear on Googles search results, intriguing the web user and drawing them into their site. Furthermore, Google rewards those companies that take full advantage of their social media site, by offering prime placement on the right hand side of search results. This can take the form of photos and promotional posts. A cursory look at Starbucks Google+ page shows a catalogue of appealing coffee based images, waiting to be shared in such search results and furthermore generating more traffic to their site.


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