What can a Search Marketing Company tell you about Link Building?

September 30, 2014 - Digital State Marketing

Link building can often be a contentious topic as clients will generally want a lot of links to their site but this is not necessarily something a reputable Search Marketing Company would want to do.

A good link profile will be natural with a range of links covering a range of domain authority. If you choose lots of low DA links then it is likely that these links are of low quality, fulfilling the bad and ugly categories in the good the bad and the ugly. The problem with lots of low quality links is that they may result in a Google penalty. Unfortunately if you acquire lots of low quality links then you may in the future have to either fix or remove them which takes time and effort. In the meantime, if you are struck with a Google penalty then you risk a ranking drop and not being found on Google.

Another practice that falls into the bad and ugly category is having exactly the same type of links, for example all your links go to directories. This again is unnatural so you need to ensure the type of links varies.

If a Search Marketing Company states they will get you lots of links and you see that these are of a very low domain then ensure you flag this concern with them.

The bad and the ugly are examples of poor link building practice, but what is good link building practice?

It is far better to gain a few, selected links from high quality trusted sites rather than lots of links from poor sites. The sites do still need to be in a range of domain authorities to be natural. Most should be a similar domain to your site with a few links that are higher and a few that are lower.

The links should be relevant to your website. For instance if you are a hotel you should seek travel related links and perhaps ones relevant to your specific area.

It is also important to have good content on your website that will encourage users to link to you.

If you are concerned about link building that has taken place on your site or you would like to discuss your wider SEO campaign then contact Digital State Marketing today.