How can using a Google Partner in Manchester benefit your company?

//How can using a Google Partner in Manchester benefit your company?

How can using a Google Partner in Manchester benefit your company?

Google Partners was introduced by Google in October 2013 to replace the Google certification programme. The aim of Google Partners was to provide agencies and online marketing professionals with a support network of google knowledge and expertise, sales and marketing tools, google certification and adwords certification exams.

So how does this benefit your company?

With Google Partners Manchester you know you are dealing with a search marketing company that deals directly with Google. Through this direct access to Google it means the company can stay one step ahead of competition as they can access Google’s latest research and updates more easily.

If you see a company such as Digital State Marketing that has the google partner badge associated with it you know google find the company reputable and trustworthy. The company has to undergo a number of processes to prove their worth to google. If the company can prove its worth to google then their clients can be rest assured that they are in the best hands.

Team members need to take Google’s ad words certification and to become certified they must pass at least 2 ad words exams.

The company must prove they are maximising campaign performances of clients through a demonstration of best practice. This will be of particular interest to clients wanting to find Google Partners Manchester as you know your business is in capable, reliable hands.

The search marketing company also has to meet spend requirements across its accounts and has to complete a company profile. These steps mean not everyone can achieve the google partner badge but only the very best in the online market.

If a company does achieve the google partner badge it opens a further door as the company can be listed on Google partner search. This provides a direct connection between Google partners and possible clients.

If you choose to use a search marketing company it is clear that using a Google partner company would be a wise decision as the benefits and security to you are clear. For more information on how we can help please get in touch with us today.


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