Google is set to implement a click-to-call feature for advertising in search listings on internet-enabled mobile phones, a step which will have a huge impact on online marketing, especially for smaller, more local-focused firms. The new feature will bring the customer one step closer to the company by displaying the phone number and eliminating the need to navigate to a web page to find contact details. This makes having up-to-date and relevant information on a website a crucial factor in local search marketing, so that potential customers are not lost. Google has always been known for predicting the future as far as search trends go, and mobile search is where the future lies.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Click-to-call, which will be implemented by PPC departments as a bolt-on feature in Google Adwords, looks like it will be a successful venture that will alter the way local search marketing is conducted. It will come at no extra cost to the company compared to Pay-Per-Click advertising, and, more importantly, it will not cost the customer any more than the cost of a call on their mobile phone deal.

Mobile Search

Using mobile devices such as android phones, Palm devices and the iPhone to find local restaurants, hotels and taxi services is on the increase thanks to improved browser capabilities. Until now, WAP displays have proved to be slow, and therefore unpopular with the public in general. The improved functionality combined with ease of navigation means that companies implementing a click-to-call campaign are likely to see a greater return on advertising investment.

Ethical SEO

There is still a place for SEO amongst the changing face of mobile search. Space is a precious commodity on mobile devices, so it is vital that a firm works to get their business listed in the top rankings through traditional methods such as link building and constantly updating content. The use of blogs and online reviews of a company can also contribute to ethical SEO and improved rankings. A small firm can also optimise for search terms which include their location, which will aid an effective local search advertising campaign.