Everyclick can help you raise money for charity by offering you a place where people can donate online.  Millions of people raise money for charity everyday to help people less fortunate than themselves.  As a company, everyclick has helped create more ways to donate to its 200,000 registered UK charities. It can be said that the charity search engine has developed from the fact that some search engines began donating a portion of their profits from adverts to different charitable organisations.

This is how a charity search engine works and how you should use them. You use a charity search engine as you would any other search engine, like Google or Yahoo. Search engines profit from displaying adverts beside the search results. As the number of people searching grows as well as the number of times they search, the more they were earning and so the more they donate to charity. Charity search engines give a minimum of 30% of their advert profits with some donating 70 – 100% of their earnings from adverts. Everyclick donates half of all of the money it receives every month from adverts to charity. Every active charity receives a share of this sum that correlates to the number of its supporters that use the website, this is relative to the number of supporters from the other charities.

Everyclick is different to some of the other charity search engines because users can support any particular one of the 200,000 registered charities. As a charity search engine evryclick is free to use for the charities with no fixed fees or fees in advance. The concept ‘Give as you Live’ proposed by everyclick makes it possible for users to raise money for free while they search as well as shop online or trade on eBay. Everyclick have small payment processing fees on all of their cash transaction and less than 5% on Credit and Debit card contributions. By partnering with the leading online brands, everyclick gets you impressive results while you raise money for yur favourite charity. Being powered by Yahoo means, that everyclick displays shopping results from various leading shopping associates and it is possible to view all eBay content.

For more information on charity search engines please visit www.everyclick.com