People often talk about the ‘Online Community’ as if everyone who uses the internet is somehow in some form of communicative relationship together.  The vagueness and sheer size of this ‘community’ coupled with the lack of certainty about the best route in, has meant that some businesses have made forays into search marketing without planning properly, whilst other have completely ignored the many benefits of exploring it thoroughly.

Many companies are waking up to the need for something more than just a static website and the obvious routes of twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on can be very tempting. There’s no doubt that these channels can add search marketing benefit to your business model but, as we at the Digital State Marketing are aware, you need to know what you want from them if you’re going to choose the right communication tools?

The best way to rationalise your social media marketing strategy is to ask a few simple questions about how you currently communicate and what you want to improve:

  • What are your current communication channels, and could you improve these?
  • Why do you wish to connect with people – are you looking to increase sales, improve your brand visibility, capture feedback or a bit of all of these?
  • Who, within your business, will establish and run your social media campaigns?

As is often the case, it takes a careful balance of many different elements of the available media in order to create the most powerful campaign message.

  • You may need to invest more time in your website design Cumbria and your search marketing as a whole if you want to achieve the success you crave in your social media circles, and to continue to meet consumer demands.
  • In order to communicate effectively, you may need to enhance your website analytics so that you can capture and dissect appropriate data, as well as identify the messages you need to communicate.

Social Media may very well be the answer and if you decide that it is, you need to be discerning about the appropriateness of the formats you select.  There are various industry/sector-preferred sites and applications, so research is vital and using a search marketing expert may be advisable.

Give and take is crucial in the ‘online community’. You are going to be developing an online relationship with your audience, so you need to be clear what you are and are not trying to do.  If you’re looking to increase sales, you’ll want to target potential customers with offers and information that will draw them to your sales portal; if you’re looking to gather feedback and discuss your industry, you’ll want to engage current clients and industry partners.  Alternatively, you may want to explore new markets and grow your brand – so you’ll need to work on your search engine optimisation (SEO) so that you can maximise your search marketing success.

All these details need to be clear in your mind and using an expert in social media marketing, like Digital State Marketing, will save you time and energy as we can take the strain of matching the media to your needs.  Moreover, you can be confident your online presence is developing with an experience hand at the tiller, rather than learning the ropes yourself as you travel along.