Take a content oriented approach to social media

//Take a content oriented approach to social media

Take a content oriented approach to social media

Many people treat social media as separate from their websites. This is a dangerous trap to fall into. At The Digital State Marketing we value the importance of high quality content on your sites and believe this is transferable to your social media.

The approach to adopt is to combine content and social media together to achieve the right balance. Your social media is not a point of call for you to voice your opinions, nor is it a place for blind self-promotion.

The best way to achieve the right balance is to adopt a content oriented approach. Our Search Marketing Company will highlight a few things to bear in mind.

Firstly, proof and plan your social media posts just like you would with your website. Don’t miss out on page views because of bad spelling! Hoot suite can be used to schedule future posts if you want to spend more time on site content.

Secondly, just like website content, keep in mind your target audience. Acknowledge the social side of your posts and tailor them towards bringing customers to your site. Simple use of questions can go a long way to increasing customer interactions.

Another point to remember is that social posts will appear on web searches. Therefore, see this as an opportunity to incorporate a keyword in the posts. Be cautious though- don’t alienate your audience with over optimisation!

For more info on getting the best out of social media, visit out Search Marketing Company website.

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