As of 2012, Twitter has over 500 million registered users with these tweeters generating over 340 million tweets a day. Since its creation in 2006, Twitter has impressively managed to worm its way to becoming one of the top ten most visited sites on the internet.  With this large captive audience, could an addiction to twitter be beneficial to you and your business?

It’s no surprise that social media has become a powerful advertising tool with wide target audiences replacing reading the newspaper in a morning with a daily dose of their Twitter news feed.  Social media should therefore be another factor to consider when you are thinking about wider search marketing campaigns. Search marketing companies have now developed social media packages to help businesses use these multiple platforms to boost SEO campaigns further. Twitter is, after all, a communication tool like the internet.

Social media is getting increased exposure with more and more businesses choosing to sign up to share their content and increase visitor numbers from the UK and abroad. For example, one of the most tweeted about topics of 2012 was, unsurprisingly, football. With many football supporters often needing places to stay, eat and drink following a football match, this is the perfect opportunity to increase awareness about your local business.

However, tweeting alone will not magically generate customers and traffic. Time and effort is need in order to understand the workings of twitter, to develop your businesses’ twitter account and to develop an overall social media strategy. As with all aspects of marketing, you will need a strategy in order to get, keep and build your customer base. Our specialist knowledge of search marketing and social media could help hone your twitter account and consequently your business to reach out to an astounding amount of potential customers every single day. At Digital State Marketing we have created Social Media packages that truly focus on your target audience incorporating brand awareness, building loyalty between yourselves and your potential customers and improving already formed relationships.

Twitter obviously involves much more than just posting pictures of your tea after all so perhaps it may be worth signing up after all?