Creating Content that is timeless

February 2, 2015 - Digital State Marketing
photo c/o A Davey

photo c/o A Davey

Writing an article that is current and “hot off the press” is amazing, but once it is published it soon becomes old news.  That once amazing articles, becomes a mediocre article that just gets added to the archives.

Timeless content is content that can always be relevant for the user, it answers frequently asked questions and more importantly it answers search queries.

Articles that have a subject area that is constantly evolving or that are time sensitive won’t be timeless. Things change and what may have been relevant for December 2015 Christmas Market may not be relevant for the same time 2016 making the content thereafter obsolete.

Typical examples of content that is timeless:

  • Case studies: this is an example of things that have been and what you have learnt from them. When things change and websites develop, the portfolio of works done in the past will still be the same and still hold its value.
  • Reports: Like Case studies they are what have been, they work like history books. Always relevant and will never change. It reports on the past.
  • Definitions/ Glossary: it seems a bit weird at first, but if you work in an industry that has its own jargon (most do) then having a “technical term busting” article will always be relevant. The definition of a word is timeless.
  • “How to” pieces: There are many ways to do something, but one way to do it right. How to articles are always timeless. They are effectively instruction manuals, top and tricks that will always be relevant. We still use old household cleaning tricks today – it’s the same principal.

Now just because an article is timeless it does not mean that once published you leave them well alone and never return to them again. Occasionally go back update the image, add more description. If you reference this year’s 2015 X Factor winner as an analogy (Ben Haenow), then go back and update it the following year, to show that it is still relevant.

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