Diamond Geezer is an online diamond site that applied for Dragon’s Den funding this week. It is the first of its kind which went to the Dragons and asked about its search marketing campaign, which is no doubt going to have an impact on the country in terms of search marketing knowledge. The hit TV programme is watched by over 8 million people in the United Kingdom every week. The Dragon’s questioned the firms Google rankings and there was discussion around volume of indexed pages. This is very interesting and shows that the Dragons have a very good knowledge of the basics of SEO. The conversation developed and the intitle and allintitle functions were also discussed. These are the very basics of SEO in terms of content and illustrates that knowledge of the search marketing world is out there.

Whilst this is noteworthy in itself, it is more interesting to look at how the appearance on Dragons Den drove online traffic. We have seen anecdotal effects of TV on web traffic before, but the Diamond Geezer / Dragons Den example is the best yet!

Alexa shows that diamondgeezer.com has experienced an 11% increase in traffic for the week, but other, less formal sources are more revealing.

The Diamond Geezer website couldn’t cope with the increase in traffic and yesterday carried a message on the homepage apologising for the ‘site being a little slow’ as ‘visitor traffic has exploded following our record breaking appearance on Dragons Den.’ This shows that TV appearances can boost the traffic to a website and especially if the site was mentioned specifically on the programme.

Ethical search marketing Companies will be keeping a close eye on the site to see what long term impact this has had on traffic and the conversion rates for the desired key phrases.