When checking your website rankings, do you ever consider the sites domain authority [DA]? If not, it’s time to start doing so, as this metric is important to search engines such as Google in determining where to rank your site.  Yes it is merely a figure, but how that figure is attained is based on numerous factors which you can work towards improving. Search Engine Optimisation companies often make a sites DA figure important in their campaigns and here at Digital State Marketing, we are no different.


So, what factors affect domain authority?  This is like asking a chef “what’s the best way to cook a chicken?” There could be hundreds of possible varied answers and it would be hard for the chef to come back with one perfect answer which the whole world would agree with.  There are however a few perhaps key important factors which we’d like to focus on here.


Before we begin, let’s remember that search engines, such as Google, is merely another customer. They aren’t spies, nor are they necessarily out there trying to tarnish your business.  Rather, like your customers, if they see your site as being useful, is continually liked and used by many other people, is consistently fresh and has a positive presence in the market; Google and your customers will like you.  Google’s impression of the site and your brand dictates your ranking and DA. Trying to get Google to like you and increase your DA can be thought of in a similar way to gaining customer trust.  So, let’s narrow a few individual aspects down:


Backlinks.  This is a word that many people think of negatively. In the past, it was that websites purchased high numbers of links in order to trick Google into thinking the website was popular.  Many of these were however entirely inappropriate and in time, Google became wise to this and now sees such links in a highly negative way.  These days, links are still important but the difference being links must be found in a positive, appropriate and meaningful way. For example, you’d be annoyed if whilst looking at a website specialising in running shoes, a link appears advertising video games. If the link was related to running somehow, perhaps advertising electrolyte products, you’d personally find this ad much more useful…and so does Google.   Likewise, if you had clicked on the electrolyte ad and liked the resultant site, Google will like the site too and the site itself will possibly have a high DA. Any links going to pages with a high DA looks good on the refer page. Finally, don’t forget that where backlinks are concerned, quality is more important than quantity.


Age. Although the domain’s age may not be in your control, it is certainly worth remembering why this is important. Say you want to re-build your website, you do not necessarily want to re-locate your site as you will lose any historical data Google has with you.  Putting it simply, the older the websites domain, the more likely this domain is valid, active and contain useful information. Again, similar to seeking customers, a good reputation goes a long way with Google!


Activity. The amount of activity your website receives can be very important to the sites domain authority.  If your website receives a high volume of traffic and users stay on your site long enough, it’s safe to assume the users like your site. To repeat the theme…  Google will tend to like the site too.  Activity in general doesn’t only relate to in page website activity, perhaps you have a high Google+ following, perhaps you have thousands of Twitter followers and tweet on an hourly basis. Anything that helps get your message out there and helps users find and like you, is part of any standard marketing campaign. This is just as important for DA and the SEO world.


Please don’t fool yourself into thinking that by concentrating on one aspect, you will increase DA. Similarly, don’t think any improvements made can make an effect overnight. Gaining trust, popularity and loyalty is not easy. Piece by piece, whether it be through improving activity via social media, creating additional natural backlinks or perhaps something we’ve not mentioned such as making sure your content writing on your site is perfect, each will have an effect on DA.


If you’d like us to help increase your sites DA contact Digital State Marketing today to see how we can help.