Do’s and Don’ts of link building

//Do’s and Don’ts of link building

Do’s and Don’ts of link building

The topic of link building receives a lot of press in the world of Search Engine Optimisation. It is a process that more and more web users are becoming reluctant to exercise. Why is this? At a Search Marketing Company we know the value of link building for your site if done properly. The key is to exercise legitimate link building. If legitimate practices are followed, then you can reap the rewards for your website. Unfortunately, many site owners aren’t aware of the rules surrounding link building and consequently fall to the force of Google’s sanctions. As a Search Marketing Company, we want to do the best for your company via legitimate link building practices.

Link building is a huge part of Google’s algorithm which, if done properly, can create a much greater platform for your company. With this in mind, we emphasise the importance of following by Googles link building rules as it is much better to be on the playing field than sitting on the bench watching! Illegitimate link building practices may be a quick fix for your company in the rankings, but the long term outcomes certainly outweigh this! You will find your companies rankings detrimentally affected as a result of your Google sanction which will be harder to gain back in the long run.

Things to note when link building, is firstly, be cautious of links that YOU can control. There will always be situations where we do control the anchor text, but we must be careful of such links. When Google crack down on guest blogs, for instance, the links all have something in common, and that is your control. This also goes for links that scale (widget links, author bio boxes). Be wary of manipulating the anchor text here as this can open you up to penalisation once again.

Another no go is to never ask for anchor text. This is a sure way of landing your site penalties. If making a guest post and you ask for anchor text, the red flags will be raised. Links need to be acquired in a much more natural way.

At the Digital State Marketing we would like to share those link building practices that will bring back the goods in terms of rankings! Don’t underestimate the importance of who is placing your link. Source those quality sites which relate to your business, that way you know you are getting a real human putting a real link in their content and endorsing you. The time you invest in reading around, will show in your rankings that follow. Remember to bear in mind the relevancy of your traffic. The link value is mirrored by the quality of traffic it can bring you, so in Googles eyes, quality is better than quantity, if the traffic isn’t relevant to your business, then it isn’t much good!

To find out more about link building and learn what a search marketing company can do to benefit you, please take a look around the website today or contact a member of the SEO company team.  

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