E commerce Kent providers, Delivered systems have been providing quality web design, website hosting, web application development, computer systems and IT support to small and medium businesses since 2000. They specialise in using cutting edge technology and a professional attitude to provide a quality service that delivers for their clients. They have a fulltime team of trained developers and designers, which are members of the relevant regulatory institutions. All this makes them one of the leading figures for new media design and the provision of solutions for e commerce in Kent.


They offer a range of services including E commerce solutions, allowing you to do business on the web 24/7. One of the many benefits of e commerce is the reduction in sales associated costs, which in turn leads to higher profitability.  The online reductions in sales costs come from not having to maintain a physical shop with all the associated overheads. It also reduces staff costs, as all orders can be processed at one time rather than employing someone to wait for footfall sales. In the current economic climate, e commerce sales have soared. This is due to several factors including the new mobile technology that allows access to information on the move. It now takes a fraction of the time to find a product at the cheapest price available, rather than trudging around the whole of Kent for the same result. This is then supplemented by the lower prices that e commerce can provide compared with the high street.


Delivered Systems

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It also opens your potential retail market to the national level and even the global level, as well as continued ease of use in your existing local markets. So if you’re based in Tunbridge wells, you will still be able to serve your customers in the area, as well as expanding to the rest of the country. Using ecommerce allows you to streamline your customer service, as all your orders and payments are automated using a 128-bit http/ssl payment gateway. Another benefit of a fully integrated e commerce solution is that it allows you to modernize your general customer service through maintaining an automatic and systematic records system, which in turn makes dealing with enquiries simpler.


Before Delivered Systems creates an E commerce site for you, they can work with you to ensure that your site represents your business in the appropriate way. Not just through high quality visual design but also design in terms of ease of navigation by your customers. This is important in several ways, because in an increasingly computer literate climate, customers simply won’t make use of an ill designed site. Delivered Systems also create easy to use but capable content management systems. The benefit of which is another important step to keeping staff costs down, while still maintaining up to date content for your site.  As a medium sized provider of ecommerce located in Kent, Delivered systems can offer you the level of commitment needed to ensure that your project is correctly engineered to achieve your goals.


Delivered Systems can also work on updating an already existing e commerce site. They can provide purely aesthetical changes for your site, allowing a fresh feel to your e commerce. Or they can work towards increasing the effectiveness and therefore, profitability of your website. With a correctly engineered e commerce site, using a good Seo campaign you can potentially drive site traffic to specific pages within your site. So if you want to have a marketing push for a certain range of products, you can generate more traffic for those pages.


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