Digital State Marketing outlines the advantages of a good quality content writer and the impact that good content has on search engine rankings. Hiring an SEO Content writer or alternatively a normal or traditional copywriter makes a huge difference to results. An SEO Content writer is the one who specialises in writing content that best suits the search engines. On the other hand a normal content writer will just be general about the content and may not use the keywords necessary in a specific web page or article. Keywords play a major role especially for higher rankings in search engines and also to increase website traffic. The longtail can also be hugely significant and we recommend that someone looking for traffic for search marketing cumbria also target search engine optimisation the lake district or SEO lake district.

SEO Content Writer v/s Content Writer

There are, without question some elements that differentiate a normal writer with an SEO content writer. An SEO content writer understands the importance of keywords in content and will accordingly insert them strategically in an article or web page. Many people fail to realize the importance of hiring a specialized SEO content writer and in the process tend to lose a lot of website traffic related to their specific industry as their content is either too light on keywords or to the other extreme keyword stuffed.

Dealing with a professional SEO Content writer

A professional SEO content writer can help you select highly competitive keywords and write the content with the specific keywords in mind. Search Engines tend to catch the keywords while indexing your website, this combined with Googles recent development of “understanding” the meaning of keywords makes this even more important. This makes it very important that you have specific percentage of keywords in your entire 500 words content or web page. The SEO content writer will make sure to use required percentage of keyword throughout the web page. If you’re given web page has keyword density over and above a specific limit then search engines might consider your web content as SPAM. This is where search marketing journalists and SEM content writers can play an important role as they have perfect knowledge about competitive keywords and keywords density to be used in every web page. The result is a fresh and sticky site that attracts and holds visitors, reducing bounce rates and increasing conversions.