Everyone seems to have a website; why don’t you? A look at how an efficient search marketing campaign could make your break your business.

November 12, 2012 - Digital State Marketing

SEO and search marketing can be an efficient choice for a business in terms of customer traffic and return on investment but beyond directions on Google maps, what can the web offer to those of you out there without a web presence?With a strong website design and the help of an effective search marketing company, you could vastly improve your company’s visibility and thence, your consumer base. Back in 1998 (which in internet years might as well have been the Stone Age), futurists were uncertain on where the fate of the internet lay: the future of ecommerce was largely unknown and search engine optimisation had not really kicked off. However, things move so quickly, the real lesson is that you have to move fast to keep up – you can be certain the rise of social media as such a significant part of our daily lives was not predicted by the masses and Mark Zuckerberg is a multi-billionaire as a result of staying ahead of the curve.To those of you who have doubts over whether you have a product that can benefit from search marketing, or indeed, even be sold online you need to consider the direct benefits of the visibility a web presence gives you: more than 20 million shoppers are online and that numbers is growing every day. They are buying products in all shapes and sizes. As an experiment, Google the first product you think of – rest assured, someone will have found a way to market and sell it online.To some, search marketing seems like a very non-traditional way of selling your product and is somehow cheating the system: if this is your opinion, Ethical search marketing is an approach you may feel more comfortable with. Google have not got to the position they are in by falling foul of unethical SEO companies – their algorithmic updates are designed to ensure that any unethical “gaming” of the rankings will come unstuck very quickly indeed – however, there is always a place in any market for marketing; high quality SEO is simply the legitimate presentation of websites to maximise target audience.Even if your product can genuinely not be sold online, the advertising provided by good website design is nothing to be sneered at. People are more tech savvy than ever and almost everyone uses the internet to do their research before they even leave the house: with a well-designed site, your company can sell its profile, its image and its brand and realistically, with the aid of good website marketing, the size of the company is increasingly irrelevant. If you don’t have a website and some effective search engine optimisation, you are losing business to companies that do. DSM provides vital marketing support for a wide variety of clients: from high profile nationwide companies to smaller specialists in different fields; attracting consumers to your company through a cross platform presence and fantastic search marketing.