Why has Facebook brought back its old news feed?

//Why has Facebook brought back its old news feed?

Why has Facebook brought back its old news feed?

The past week has seen some major sites making changes to their on page displays in order to make them more user friendly. Here at Digital State Marketing, our SEO technical audit service is centred around making a site more user friendly in order to generate an increase in traffic to your site. You may have noticed that Google has recently changed the display of its search results to bigger fonts and a neater appearance. This was in order to make the search results easier to read for Google users. Similarly, Facebook has announced they are rolling out a new look for their news feed. These decisions aren’t made just for the purposes of “fancying a change”, but to keep up with the ever growing expectations of web users.

The motivation for this recent Facebook change is of course the users. This is why they have re-created a news feed which corresponds with the feedback and suggestions of Facebook users. In the competitive online world you need a site that continues to meet the expectations of your target audience. Our Search Marketing Company carries out an SEO technical audit for your site to ensure it performs in a way that meets the expectations of your target audience. We know that nobody wants to come across what they were looking for online only to be disappointed with a slow loading, overly crammed and under optimised site. That’s why our SEO technical audit ensures your web visitors are faced with a fast, neat and easy to use site. This way they can find what they want, when they want, instead of leaving the page for a competitor site.

Facebook has received feedback of dissatisfaction with past changes to its news feed. This is most probably why the updated news feed is set to be reminiscent of how the News Feed used to look. Here at Digital State Marketing, our audit can transform an underperforming site into a site that drives excellent results in Google’s search rankings. This is done by optimising the site in a way that is most compatible with your audience. This is the same practice exercised by global companies, such as Facebook, who took on board the feedback of their audience and implemented this into their changes. For instance, users reported they liked the bigger pictures on the news feed, but disliked the fact the site is harder to navigate.

Our Search Marketing Company understands that a site that is easier to navigate is more important than a site which is heavy on design. Although a site which is full of artwork and images may initially be visually pleasing, if the site is hard to navigate, the web user is sure to leave and find a simpler site. This is why, following the feedback of their users, Facebook has changed the news feed so that it features the design and navigation which was preferred.

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