The Facebook dinosaur helps increases privacy for users

//The Facebook dinosaur helps increases privacy for users

The Facebook dinosaur helps increases privacy for users

If you have posted on Facebook recently, you may have noticed the blue privacy dinosaur. The dinosaur has an important message to share when you update posts and photos. It draws user’s attention to the privacy settings of the post and if the user wants to share the post publicly. The Digital State Marketing takes an active interest in social media so we investigate further.

The dinosaur asks the user if they are sure they want to proceed before making a post public. This is a positive move as there is some confusion amongst users about their privacy settings. In 2012 a Consumer Reports study found around 13 million US Facebook users weren’t aware of, or didn’t know how to use the Facebook privacy settings. The dinosaur will therefore provide clarity and ensures users won’t post their inner most thoughts to the world.

There have been numerous cases where people have made Facebook comments and received punishment for this. Matthew Woods was jailed for explicit jokes he made regarding a missing teenager. In recent weeks local businessman David Gill found himself under investigation for homophobic comments he made on his Facebook page. This doesn’t include the countless cautionary tales of individuals being suspended or fired from work from making a one off comment about how boring their day was or slagging off their boss!

Clearly users need to think carefully before they post as even old posts can come back to bite you. Users also need to pay attention to the changes that Facebook are making, in order to safeguard themselves.

In addition to the privacy dinosaur, Facebook are enabling users to make previous profile pictures private, clarifying what happens if a friend shares a picture or post and making privacy settings more visible to users.

As a Search Marketing Company we use social media such as Facebook for ourselves and clients. The increase in privacy for users can only be welcomed but we would always recommend that users think carefully before they post. If you would like to discuss how a social media campaign could benefit you then contact The Digital State Marketing.

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