Social media such as Facebook and Twitter can be a highly effective tool for search marketing campaigns. Facebook is one of the fastest growing social media network with its users increasing by as many as thousands every day. Here at Digital State Marketing we feel creating a dedicated Facebook page is beneficial for both you and your company. Read on for advice on how to get started.

Even those that are unfamiliar with search marketing or even the internet are likely to have heard of the social network giant that is Facebook. With over one billion people ‘liking’ and ‘commenting’ on the site around 3.2 billion times a day, the social media site is a fantastic platform for you to build relationships with your customers, to reach out to new people and to essentially drive sales.

Through ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ and ‘commenting,’ your business becomes part of conversations between friends which could potentially be classed as a recommendation of you being a trusted company. It is becoming common practice for companies to ask viewers of their TV commercials to ‘like their Facebook page’ as opposed to visiting their actual website thus showing the importance of having a professional and relevant Facebook, in terms of content and appearance to help their marketing campaigns further.

As Facebook is primarily a form of social media, it is no surprise that most Facebook users use the site for personal communications and so do not want to see bulky and uninformative advertisements. Therefore,  it is highly recommended that you create a page for your company that does not look solely like a sales pitch but rather an invitation to see what services or products you offer and how you can possibly help the user.

Ideas on how to execute this efficiently include keeping your page up to date and informed with latest announcements, offers and general information relating to your company and/or industry. Relating back to the point regarding being perceived as a trusted company, it is highly recommended that you create a ‘fan page’ or ‘official page’ for your business and to steer clear of creating a personal user account or your business.

With regards to setting up your new Facebook page, your title should be your company name or should incorporate this name so that users can efficiently search for you on the social media site. Make sure that you customise your page so that it reflects the theme of your company; this could resemble any theme that you have previously used on your website. This can also include uploading a suitable profile picture and filling out the relevant details about your business; tell people how to find you, what you offer, further contact details or a brief history about you. Once up and running you can use your page for a variety of different functions, such as answering customer queries, collecting customer feedback, launching new products or services and competitions.

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