There has been much talk recently about how Facebook has overtaken Google on the page views front. As Facebook rapidly grows, people are wondering if it is better to use search marketing techniques on Facebook or Google? The questions you need to ask yourself, from a business perspective, are which platform brings you the best conversions?

Both platforms use pay per click search marketing, also known as PPC. PPC is placing an advert on either the Google or Facebook network and you only get charged when people click on your ad rather than the placement of your advertisement there. Or on both Google and Facebook you can choose to be charged when your ad is shown. However, PPC on Google and Facebook are very different. Here is a breakdown between the two.

Firstly, Facebook reaps benefits for targeting a specific audience. The Facebook platform itself stores lots of personal information about its users; therefore their platform is able to target specific groups of people. Facebook has more than 500 million people registered, that means 500 million potential customers. Unlike Google, you can select your audience by location, ages and interests, narrowing down a specific tailored advertisement. You can really narrow down your advert tremendously, for example you may just want to target single people who like animals living in Dorset. It is that specific! Unlike Google that will just place an advertisement for a specific key phrase.

Although Google does not have such targeted information about its users, it is still considered to be the most powerful source of pay per click search marketing available. The advantage that Google has over Facebook is that people don’t usually use Facebook for buying; it is primarily used to catch up with friends. On Facebook, an ad appears when you don’t necessarily ask for it to be there. On Google people are typing in specific keywords to meet a specific query, to have an immediate effect.

Using Pay Per Click is all about monitoring your conversions. If you are unsure which platform to use, Digital State Marketing could help you. For more information on pay per click campaigns with the Digital State Marketing, contact us now on 01229 484290