Quality of The Digital State Marketing Recognised by Major Search Engines

//Quality of The Digital State Marketing Recognised by Major Search Engines

Quality of The Digital State Marketing Recognised by Major Search Engines

Recent updates to Google’s complex ‘searches related to’ feature have placed Digital State Marketing as a recommended term for the search phrase ‘search marketing’ – a clear demonstration of the  quality and popularity of Digital State Marketing.

Digital State Marketing Instant screenshot

Search marketing is an umbrella term for the industry that we operate in.  It incorporates services such as search engine optimisation, conversion rate optimisation and pay per click campaigns.  Google’s recommendation shows that, to our minds, we are doing things the right way and have the traffic and client interaction that would command this listing.   Not only are we a recommended search term by Google, Digital State Marketing also ranks as the first corporate result on the major search engines.

Searches for the phrase ‘search marketing’ on Bing return the same results – a top-place result for Digital State Marketing and a ‘related searches’ position.  Interestingly when searching using the ‘Bing’ search engine, DSM places as a related search term alongside ‘Yahoo! Search Marketing’.  When an identical search is made on Yahoo!, Digital State Marketing places above Yahoo!’s own search marketing department.

Digital State Marketing on Yahoo


The premier placement of DSM in search engine results represents our aptitude for search engine marketing – why should you trust a company offering SEM that cannot place themselves highly in organic search results?

With the algorithms that Google use to provide their organic results constantly evolving, it is imperative that SEM groups provide their clients with the up-to-date and relevant information which can affect their placement.  Our position in organic search acts as clear testimony that here at DSM we are one step ahead of our competition in our knowledge of what will affect organic search results on search engine such as Google.

The placement of Digital State Marketing in organic search results acts as tangible evidence of the quality and well-earned reputation of DSM as an industry leading search marketing group.

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