For the purpose of this article, we shall be looking at the example of Life coaches. Lots of coaching and business coaching clients are complaining these days of falling revenue and encountering resistant customers. We are seeing similar stories to this across the economy in both personal and professional areas. The focal point of your marketing campaign should be leaning towards the local community, hence take advantage of local search marketing and geographical search marketing.

Our advice here at Digital State Marketing is to seek out the knowledge of a small, but experienced, business internet marketing firm to help you plan strategies to build your brand and expose your message to more potential customers. Some clients who are taking this advice are achieving a good level of success through seeking out new opportunities to grow their business locally. Aside from the online aspect, local advertising is also a good strategy.

Local search marketing can help communicate your brand to more people and a company that specialises in this can provide a great ROI from your marketing budget. It’s typical to see small business owners who built their local empire on handshakes and city council meetings, so introducing the concept of Internet search marketing into their game is tough. It is, however, possible, and regional search marketing should never be discounted.

Life coaches have to prospect for new business just like other service professionals. Doesn’t it make sense to look for business locally also. A good local search marketing firm can optimise your local advertisement pounds with methods like map optimisation (so more prospective customers can find you), website optimisation (most local customers we encounter here Digital State Marketing have sub-standard websites that are not SEO optimised, and search engine marketing (highly targeted local search advertising) is more than often needed.

So considering all the options available to small businesses, there’s no surprise that more are turning to focus on regional search marketing.