Find out more about our SEO technical audit service

//Find out more about our SEO technical audit service

Find out more about our SEO technical audit service

Here at Digital State Marketing we provide a number of services to help your website. One of the fundamental services we perform is our technical audits, which aim to keep your website current and compliant in order to perform at its best for Google. This service is underpinned by a number of stages we carry out and follow to track the performance of your site. In this article, we will give a further insight into these different processes and show how our seo technical audit works and why they are so important in the SEO world.

The online world is ever changing so your site should change in accordance. If you considered SEO at the outset when building your site, this can be futile at a later stage as search algorithms change. As a Search Marketing Company carries out these audits on a daily basis, we will ensure you never miss a trick in the world of digital marketing. We ensure we are always one step ahead by carrying out regular research to ensure your site is performing at its best. Here at The Digital State Marketing we understand that the key to search engine ranking success is a quality recipe of content, HTML, architecture, links, trust.

We ensure you have nothing but rich, reliable, trusted and high quality content on your website. We take time in this process to research the keywords that web users may use to discover your site and incorporate such terms within the content. We ensure content is fresh and will engage your audience rather then cause them to bounce away quickly. This takes time and commitment, something we put into all of our technical audits to drive the best results for your site.

Architecture is key. DSM give attention to the smallest details as these can have a fundamental impact on how your site ranks with Google. For instance, we will manage your HTML tagging to ensure keywords are always relevant to page topics, to make your site more user-friendly and more easily accessible. We also observe and monitor whether search engines can easily craw on site pages and page load speeds, all in the aim of making the site web user friendly.

We also review, monitor and source quality links for your site which is crucial to gaining rewards from Google in the form of better rankings for your site. We will only ever source links from quality, trusted and respected websites and follow procedures to establish such quality. Without such procedures, your site could fall foul of Google’s penalties and you could blur the lines between gaining awareness for your site and spamming.

To see what other services we can provide for your website, please contact us to discuss further.

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