If you are an SME, you will no doubt have been told the importance of social media by your various digital marketing advisors. However, the prospect of running your own campaign can be daunting for many. Here are five things not to do when running your own social media campaign.

1.   Don’t Be Scared by the Size of Competitors

While assessing the competition should be part of any competitive outreach drive, it can be daunting on social platforms. If your sector has some established players, the chances are that they will have large sets of followers and generate likes and reposts regularly.  The thing to remember here is that while you won’t instantly get the audience size, you can tailor your content to the followers that you do have. So rather than broad campaigns designed to please the masses, you can create campaigns that are far nearer to the conversion point.

2.   Don’t Be Afraid of Advertising on Social Media Platforms

It can be tough to grow your audience at the beginning of your social campaigns. While following others, and being active are the staple to audience grow, paid advertising can help. In a similar fashion to AdWords, they tend to be Cost-Per-Click so you can carefully manage your budgets. As they have the whole database of the platform to offer, they also offer highly specific targeting parameters. Using social media management to create specific posts and targeting the audience, can be a good way to build a following. Conversely, you can use the advertising to directly sell your products/services.

3.   Don’t Forget Your Manners

The key to social media is, you guessed it, being sociable.  While it is easy to get caught up in statistics (the majority) of those profiles is a person, so remember your manners. Whether it is in person or online, people want to feel that they matter. Being courteous and going the extra step in terms of online customer service is great way to do that. It also has the added benefit of showcasing these skills to potential clients.

4.   Don’t Follow the Crowd

As said before, checking out what is working for your competitors is a great idea at the start of social media management. However, simply copying the style of what worked for them will leave you at best lagging behind and at worst looking like a copycat.  You know your brand and your products/ services, so you can pitch them in a style that fits your brand.  Don’t be afraid to stand out or try something different.

5.   Don’t Forget to Monitor Your Hard Work

It can be tempting to simply post each week and sporadically check in and see the number of likes and reposts that have been generated. However, this is doing disfavour to your efforts. We would recommend looking deeper into how your social input is driving traffic to your website. This means that you can tailor your content, landing pages and posts to create a unified campaign that delivers what your audience is looking for.

If you are looking for help with creating or managing a social media campaign for your SME, please check out the services offered by Digital State Marketing.