Five Search Marketing Content Ideas

//Five Search Marketing Content Ideas

Five Search Marketing Content Ideas

The popular saying in search marketing circles of late is that content is king.  Google and the other search engines adore plentiful and fresh high quality content and every website  should make it a priority to use high quality copy although, at the present time, this practice seems to be more the exception than the rule.

Search marketing companies have recently been reminded about the wrath of Google when a site doesn’t comply with its guidelines.  As recently illustrated by the Panda Updates.   The best content is designed to be read by human users, while incorporating the relevant keywords.  It’s prudent to remember that Google is looking to provide the site that is most relevance and pertinence to the end user in its search engine results.

5 SEO copywriting tips from Digital State Marketing:

1. Write for your audience – Tailoring your content to match your target audience, is a quick win in making content interesting. For example if you are developing seo content for a baby product site, then writing to young parents would be a good plan. It also opens up the potential to include long tail variants.

2. Dont over-optimise – While including the keywords and long tail terms is a key part of content writing, it’s important to remember that  stuffing is spammy.  All search engines and specifically Google hate spam.  To combat this, writing search marketing content as organically as possible is the key. Also ensuring that your keywords are relevant to the products/services that your site supplies.

3. Conduct thorough keyword research – The keystone of any seo campaign is the choice of   keywords. At the Digital State Marketing, we use a number of tools to find the optimal keywords for your site. The standard seo keyword density is somewhere between 2-5 per article but it all depends on the length of the phrases and how organically it fits in with the rest of your text.

4. Basic grammar and spelling –If you don’t have a basic grasp of English grammar and spelling, there’s your first hurdle.  If you are not confident in your own writing skills, using a computer spell checking system or asking someone to edit your content is probably the best bet. We offer copywriting services, which will free up your time, as well as lifting the burden of proof reading your own copy.

5. Benefits before features – research has shown that it is human nature respond to emotional attributes prior to rational attributes which follow after.  If you are trying to promote diamond engagement rings, it would be more strategic to discuss the ‘benefits’ for the clients (for example “shes more likely to yes to a great ring”) and then expand into the product features later (diamond clarity & carats).  The first thing that most readers will want to know is how they can benefit – what’s in it for them?

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