The Interchange Organisation are specialist foreign exchange brokers who have been providing a wide range of foreign currency exchange and related services for both private and corporate clients since 1999. Whether you are an international firm transferring funds abroad, or an individual taking an overseas holiday, Interchange FX always aim to provide the best exchange rates for you.

Foreign exchange brokers, Interchange are at the forefront of the foreign exchange market, having a broad knowledge of the industry, and passing this onto you through the information on their website and their excellent customer service and support. There website features a helpful currency conversion tool, which works across several currencies.  They provide the most up-to-date news on currency exchange, with insights into global and corporate economies. Interchange can help individuals prepare for their holiday with competitive conversion rates for a range of foreign currencies. You can even sell back unused currency at equally competitive prices, all with a personal dealer to guide you through the service.

Foreign Exchange Brokers, Interchange FX are so passionate about customer service for every customer. For example the is the “wine desk” page of their website, offering tailored help to those in the wine industry. Each of these specialist pages features references from current happy clients.

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Interchange FX



Their website is a hub of constantly updated information, displaying live foreign exchange rates as they alter throughout the day. This provides you with a market guide of how different currencies are performing at any one time, thereby potentially aiding your decision, whether businesses or personal, on when best to buy or sell.

If you’re planning on taking a holiday, Interchange FX will have all the information you need about currency. Their website offers extensive information on the currencies of the countries of the world, informing you about the strength of a particular currency, local payment preferences (cash, credit card, traveller’s cheques), and any restrictions on money and transactions in that that country.

Their corporate aim is to always provide excellent personalised service, alongside value for money. They work hard to deliver you the most precise information and offer a variety of protection packages to keep your money safe. So whether you’re going on holiday or making an international business transaction, Interchange FX are the foreign exchange brokers that will meet all your needs. Visit their website at for more information.


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