Buying music can be expensive, especially at high street prices, and even buying songs and albums online can be just as pricey. The internet can be a fantastic source for free music, allowing you to enjoy the music you love, but without the high spend. The only difficulty is finding free music and music videos on the internet. You could spend hours looking and still not find what you’re after. Illegal downloading is always a worry too, and in many instances people do not realise that they’re doing it.


Free Music UK



Free Music UK was set up as a music information website to help you find free music and free music videos to download. They search the internet for the best websites to download from, and then report them back to you. Free Music UK display on their site the links of the websites they approve of for downloading, this may be because they’re free downloads, legal downloads, or because the website has a great range of music to choose from. They are constantly updating their website with links to the newest music and video download websites, so you know you’re getting the latest information about current sites.

Free Music UK also bring you the most recent news from the music industry. If you want to find out about new bands, what your favourite artists are doing next, or who’s splitting up, then Free Music UK is the website to visit. You can also get information on the latest concerts and where to get tickets.

Free Music UK believe that enjoying music is important for everyone, and that free music should be available to all. So to find out where you can get free music and free music videos to download, visit Free Music UK today at