Are you getting the most from your PPC spend? – Landing Pages

//Are you getting the most from your PPC spend? – Landing Pages

Are you getting the most from your PPC spend? – Landing Pages

A further issue that is regularly encountered when analysing pay-per-click accounts is the under optimisation of landing pages. We regularly come across accounts where the client has a clear grasp of keyword targeting, keyword matching and ad formatting but the matching landing pages are unsuitable for the account objectives. Here we are going to discuss some tips on how to optimise your landing pages fully.

Landing pages are an extremely vital part of your Adwords quest for success as they are your final chance to convince the customer to convert – to buy your product, to fill out a form or to download a resource. High-quality landing pages are necessary to optimise conversion rates and lower your conversion costs.

The most important quality of an optimised landing page is relevancy. Following best practice, your keyword, ad text and landing page should be relevant to one another. The page should deliver what the ad promises and what the user wants to find. This isn’t best practice for nothing; landing pages with relevant ad text get higher quality scores meaning a better ad placement as a result!

Further to relevancy, Google classify many other factors to help determine a good landing page including; usefulness of the information provided on the page, ease of navigation for the user and how many links are on the page. Analyse your Analytics tactically and monitor metrics such as time on page and bounce rates to understand the users thought processes once they hit your landing page; this will help you to make informative decisions on optimising your current landing pages.

Spending time to create new landing pages or optimise current landing pages will have a positive impact on your Adwords campaigns and most importantly drive more conversions and ROI to your business. Below are a few hints and tips on creating the best landing pages for your potential customers.

  • Remember, landing pages can’t be created in Adwords. Google provide some ideas as to what is best practice but from here on you have to create your own landing pages which usually requires a developer to manage the pages, a graphic designer to design the pages and a hosting environment. This is where DSM can help and provide you a full service from creation of suitable landing pages to Adwords campaign management.
  • Before you even get to landing page creation, firstly understand your goals for your Adwords campaign. Do you want sales, form submissions, mailing list registrations? Once you understand your goals undertake some competitive research. Look at your competitors landing pages and understand your target markets demographics, locations and interests.
  • Searchers are lazy and are trying to find an answer to their query as soon as possible. The more pages you force them to click through to reach their desired page, the less likely they will convert. Therefore, never lead your potential customers to your homepage, drive your customers to targeted, conversion-optimised landing pages.

Creating good quality landing pages is tough and requires a lot of initial and continual research into ensuring that you are providing your potential customers with the best possible solution to their search query. That is where Digital State Marketing, as a Google Certified Partner come in and can offer consultancy and training on Google Adwords best practice. To have an informal conversation about how DSM could help to ensure you’re getting the most out of your PPC spend, contact us today on 01229 484290.

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