Google add new features to the PPC services

//Google add new features to the PPC services

Google add new features to the PPC services

Over the years Google have been developing different ways to display Pay per Click ads. The ability to add extra information to your ad so users get the correct information quicker has always been at the forefront of the developments. Previously, you had the option of adding site links, call extensions or location information as ways of appealing to your customers and increasing your click through rate.

What Has Changed?

In the first week of September 2014, Google announced that it is now allowing a “callout” feature that allows more text within an ad, thus helping entice more click throughs. Similar to an ad extension, it is an extra information feature that is designed to help you inform users of your services/ USPs. For example, the “callouts” allow marketers to promote features such as free shipping, price matching or 24/7 customer service as well as special offers or a seasonal promotion.

What should I do now?

Using callouts allows you to entice more click throughs, and are thus a valuable addition to your campaign. Callouts can be edited at the campaign, ad group or even account level. They are limited to 25 characters each and you can have up to four callouts per ad.

But don’t worry if this addition to your PPC campaign seems a little too much to handle. Managing a PPC campaign is not as easy as some may think. It can be very time consuming and often all the information can be overwhelming. PPC services can help.

PPC services are ideal to help you ensure you are getting the highest click through rate at the lowest cost per click. Not only that but externally outsourcing your PPC services means that you don’t need to be aware every time Google introduces new features and functions. You can rest assured that your PPC managing service provider will be fully aware of the changes and will edit your ads accordingly.

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