Google has revealed that it expects mobile marketing to become more popular than traditional online advertising in due course. This is a huge statement by the leading player in the market, as Google’s search marketing is still the greatest revenue stream for the firm.

Speaking during a webcast to analysts on March 15th 2010, Vic Gundotra of Google said he predicts firms will pay higher rates for mobile search ads than standard PC-based ones as smart-phone usage continues to rise. Search marketing companies will be paying close attention to this news as search engine optimisation techniques may have to be altered to accommodate changes to the industry, especially firms which target the younger or professional sectors.

He explained that ad rates for the mobile channel have already increased “dramatically” over the last few years, with mobile searches also rising fivefold in the space of two years. The app market is also having an effect on the mobile market, as many firms are catering their campaigns for specific phrases which will reach the most popular apps. Generally, the firms doing this will have mobile sites set up so that the advertisements will reach the sites which are intended for smart-phones.


Despite this, IDC analyst Karsten Weide told the Los Angeles Times that Google should not necessarily be expected to be the one to take the lead in the world of mobile marketing.

“Mobile is so new and so volatile. That does not mean that Google is going to be the ruler of the mobile universe,” he remarked.Other search engine specialists such as Yahoo! and MSN Bing will try to take some of the up and coming market and increase their share of the search marketing market.

Last year, a survey by the Internet Advertising Bureau suggested that the majority of UK marketers believe the mobile medium will be the fastest growing channel over the next five years. Watch this space to see what impact this has on search engine marketing and any search marketing company.