Google Search And The Banner Ad

//Google Search And The Banner Ad

Google Search And The Banner Ad

A new branded search results experience has really caught the attention of Search Marketing Companies like ourselves. That’s right, Google has announced a new and innovative way in which companies can have their profile raised in Google search results. Now, when search results appear, so will banner advertisements particular to that site above the text listing.

This change appears to be a step up from the images that Google have already incorporated in their search results. A large grey box will be filled with the standard text listing and above it will be displayed a big banner advertisement of your site. For instance, a google search producing Virgin Airlines, will have a banner advertising Virgin Airlines above the text listing.

Search Marketing Companies like Digital State Marketing realise the clear benefits branded search has for websites. Firstly, it is a much bigger and bolder way of advertising your site. As compared to a standard text listing, the banner ad will entice and draw in more page views and clicks. A bright, colourful, unique, quirky banner above a standard text listing will really make a site stand out from the crowd and will bring in a greater audience. When clicked, it will direct the user straight to your site. More clicks means more views which means a higher profile and essentially a larger client base.

We also recognise that the banner ad will go a long way to promoting brand awareness. Big brands will instantly be recognised in the search results which will lead web users to a site that they know and feel is well established. Brands that are on a smaller scale and not as well known will have their profile raised by appearing on the search results too. Appealing banner ads are sure to appeal to the search audience.

The Digital State Marketing understands that this new update places significance on the quality of these ads. There will be no room for poor quality banners on the Google search page. Instead, what will be needed is high quality, respectable banners to set the standard. This is evident in the fact that this update has currently only been tested on a handful of sites. In fact, only 5% of search queries are showing the banner ads. Some of these companies include; Crate and Barrel, Southwest Airlines and Virgin America.

The new update, does however, appear to blur the lines slightly between paid and organic search. The text link and banner are both displayed in the same box, which seems to create the conception that this search result is one big advertisement. Despite appearances, the two are to be regarded as separate; the text listing as organic search and the banner as paid search.

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