Google+ tips from the Digital State Marketing

//Google+ tips from the Digital State Marketing

Google+ tips from the Digital State Marketing

Here at Digital State Marketing we are always confident in the benefits a good social media presence can have for your company. That is why our SEO company works with you to implement the best social media strategies, which will see your site gaining a higher click through rate and a greater platform. Google+, if utilised effectively, is a great opportunity to improve your google rankings and draw in a wider clientele.

As an SEO campany the first thing we would recommend is the importance of having a personal touch to your Google+ profile. This is a sure way to appeal to your audience as they will feel it is run by “real” people and they will find it easier to relate to the company. Customising the profile with banners, pictures and videos can be used to drive more clicks on the page and make for a more user friendly experience. Please note that a little personalisation goes a long way; be sure to tailor the site towards the target audience. A great way of doing this is by posting about any charity work you have done in the local community. This is a great way to relate to your audience and benefit your business.

Remember to set yourself apart from your competition. Custom business descriptions may not do as well in the rankings as more specific descriptions, however they can be a great way of reaching out to your target audience. Be sure to use keywords that reflect the nature of your business to generate a better understanding with your audience. Natural language is important here. No one wants to read robotic like content that fails to engage them. Our SEO company will implement content that will generate more conversions.

Once you have updated a listing, it is important to review how well this fared for your company. This can then be compared with previous optimisations and the click through rates here to see what works best for your company. Remember, in the long run this option will be more beneficial to your company as the more click through means Google will reward your company in the rankings.

Don’t underestimate the power of the customer review! Recent reviews that are visible on your Google+ page are extremely beneficial for your company. Of course, the more reviews you have, the more you will be rewarded. Consumers are much more interested in unbiased praise for your business and if recent, consistent reviews are accessible, this is sure to reach out to a greater target audience and keep them engaged. Google will use reviews as an indicator of relevancy too so will prioritise your site over a site with fewer reviews. A great way to benefit from customer reviews is to think of ways to encourage customers to leave a review and think of ways to reward them accordingly.

Implementing these changes can be quite daunting on your own so a quality SEO company provides the ideal solution. To see what our Digital State Marketing can do to improve your social media sites, please visit our website today.

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