The introduction of real-time search results has heralded new changes for search marketing, an expert has said.
Speaking about Google plans to integrate feeds from social networks, such as Twitter, into its search engine results, Sam Tilston, online marketing director for internet mail order company, said the integration of real-time results will signal profound changes to and search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies that search engine marketing companies must take heed of.

Because users can now find accurate, up-to-the-minute information for many of their search queries, companies must step up their SEO game, he added.

Mr Tilston added: “For a company to control its message on Google it´s important to have a presence on all elements which may feed into the search results page.”

Companies should include keywords in Twitter posts, accounts and descriptions, to allow the feed to be “properly optimised for Google”.

The move comes months after Google began integrating social networks into its search engine results pages. It is important that search engine marketing companies are aware of these changes so they can tailor their work to these updates, and create the necessary blogs and content that will contribute to successful natural search marketing.

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