Grow a Genuine Social Media Following for a Search Marketing Campaign

June 17, 2015 - Digital State Marketing

Social media should be a part of any search marketing campaign. Social media is a way for people to show their support for your site and services, as with links, and social signals are increasingly being used as ranking factors. Our interactions on social media are a great way of assessing the authenticity and trustworthiness of a site, and it is no surprise that search engines are beginning to analyse them.
Use of social media is also a great way of increasing awareness of your business in general, and serves as a platform for advertising.
Since social media is so important for search marketing, it is helpful for you to have the biggest following possible, as this shows search engines that lots of people value your company and your site, and also helps you target as many people as possible with promotions. It is important, however, for this following to be genuine in order for you to reap the benefits. Read on to find out more.
Making Your Followers Count
First of all, before you start considering how to increase the amount of followers you have, you should take into account that it is essential for them to be genuine in order to benefit your search marketing campaign. Since anyone can create a social network account, it is easy to create fake profiles, making it easy to create fake followers in an attempt to appear more popular. However, it is also very easy to spot fake accounts since a lack of friends and/or interaction is usually a strong signal that it is not a real person. In these cases, search engines will not count the fake accounts, and thus their construction is pointless. Rather than spending time and money creating accounts that may not give any benefits, using your resources to find genuine followers will ensure the best return for your efforts.
Another reason why it is important for your social media followers to be genuine is to benefit from the ability to promote yourself on social media. One of the biggest benefits of having social media accounts is that it provides you with the opportunity to directly target existing customers with your products. Those who have ‘liked’ your page, chosen to ‘follow’ you or chosen an alternative method of keeping track of your social media presence are most likely to already be interested in your product. By posting things which promote your company, you are directly targeting people who are already interested in your product and thus likely to use it.
If you have fake followers then you simply will not have this bank of people to promote yourselves to. Not only that, but accounts with fake friends are often just as easy to spot as the fake profiles themselves, and obviously constructed posts by those ‘friends’ could deter genuine social media users from engaging with your accounts, effectively causing you to have less genuine followers than you may otherwise have had.
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