Does guest blogging still have a place within search marketing?

//Does guest blogging still have a place within search marketing?

Does guest blogging still have a place within search marketing?

Matt Cutts stated earlier this year that he felt guest blogging has had its day and should now be avoided within SEO and search marketing. However, his article stimulated much debate amongst those with an interest in search marketing, with many contributors questioning Matt regarding the use of quality guest blogs, even if they contain a link.

It can be agreed that a poor quality, badly written guest blog filled with links does look spammy and has no true relevance to browsers. It is also poor practice to submit the same guest post to multiple sites rather than writing, fresh, interesting content. However what about all those guest blog posts (and their writers) that produce quality content?

Matt did concede that quality is the key measure in this and that if a guest post is of good quality and informative to readers then it can be worth considering. He also mentions the positive use of no follow links.

Within search marketing no follow links were originally viewed as being worthless as they mean that Google will not use the hyperlink to count towards the page rank of the link targets page. However, no follow links are now being viewed more favourable so if you choose to write a guest blog and the condition is a no follow link then do not immediately discount the idea. A no follow link can drive traffic (i.e. potential customers) to your site and means your site has increased visibility in an area that browsers will have a vested interest. For example a fashion site may post a guest blog about sunglasses. Even if the link is no follow the website users are likely to be interested in sunglasses and possibly buying some, so they are likely to follow that link. If the post is shared then there is further scope for your brand being seen. This does not help you in terms of building measurable links to your site that build page rank but it can be of the same, if not more value.

The area of guest blogging is something to monitor, as clearly, even if no follow links are implemented guest posts can be of value. The key factor is to ensure your content is of exceptional quality and the site you wish to put your post on is wholly relevant to the content of the post.

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