Google’s Panda updates may have been with the search marketing communPanda means businessity since February 2011 but it would now appear to have transcended its former role and become a full blown part of the core Google Algorithm. The authenticity of this statement ha
s been verified by Google’s own PR Team via a piece on the SEM Post. So unlike Penguin, which is still working on the update style of rollout, the news about Panda will go quiet as it comes under the secrecy edict of the wider core algorithm.

An interpretation of this could be that the search marketing world has broadly got its act together and Google no longer feels the need to use the shock tactic of rolling out Panda updates with little notice.

While certainly ensuring that clients have good quality, relevant and fresh copy on their sites is always a consideration in the campaign structure of Digital State Marketing’s accounts, we do still find clients that are reticent to spend their budget on articles and wider content production
. So hopefully, the news that the quality of content is now a tangible element of the wider algorithm and not something that that only affects sites every now and again, will change some companies minds about incorporating content writing as a regular part of their search marketing campaigns.

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