Search engines work by crawling through websites to find the best websites to match specific search terms. Search engines determine the page ranking of a particular website by using certain parameters which are unknown to search marketing companies. It is down to search marketing companies to determine what these parameters and algorithms are in order for campaigns to work effectively.

Search engine optimisation techniques are used by a search marketing company, such as Digital State Marketing, in order to increase website traffic. Title tags, content and Meta descriptions are all focussed on in order to help the search engines index the web pages. Search engine optimisation includes link building and social bookmarking.

Link building – Link building plays a crucial role in increasing the page rank of your websites URL. Links can be internal or external. Links should be relevant to your industry as irrelevant links will create a bad impression on the reader. Quality of links matters the most, quantity can look unnatural and are frowned upon by the search engines.

Social Bookmarking – This is done to increase website traffic. This can be done by displaying your link on a social networking website. These sites receive an extraordinary amount of hits a day, and hits to your page can be increased when you bookmark your URL in a social networking site. The search engine crawlers may also refer to your site from the social networking site.

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