The Importance of Content And Social Media

January 13, 2014 - Digital State Marketing

Google has found smarter ways to measure the popularity of your website, this is social media. Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  Social media now plays a massive part of everyday life; it is becoming a greater deal for businesses across the world. Not only will you see pictures and billboards up everywhere about ‘following’ a certain business on twitter or ‘liking’ their Facebook page, it is now used by over 60% of the nation – as such, social media sites are a priceless way to help promote your business.

Linking Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linked In to your business page is a great way to optimize your site. Not only will this generate more traffic to your site, but Google will like you more, the more social media you link to it, the better. Google rank you higher if you have good quality, genuine links right? Well the same goes for social networking. Here at Digital State Marketing we offer social media packages, where we can set up and manage your business social network sites – to find out more click here.

Google+ is now being more widely used. Not only is it already a part of Google, but Google plus also allows you to have a map listing of your business when users search for you on Google. So for example if I was in or around Manchester and searched for Search Marketing Companies, Digital State Marketing would come up, not only with our web address but also the destination of our business, telling users our exact location. This is great for your business because ideally you want to be taking up as much room on a Google page as possible in order for more users to be drawn for your site.

Content really is king this year. Google have been pushing the importance of new content on websites hard this year. They don’t want to see copied content, or content on the page that is irrelevant to the site. Therefore keeping content up to date on your website is a must. Google rank you for this, the better and newer the content the higher Google will rank you. Many websites have dropped in rankings purely because they have not kept up to date with their content. Google just want to see that you are being helpful to users and not spamming then with content that has nothing to do with the topic area. That is why it is so important to ensure that you are putting up new content at least one a month in order to stay in Googles good book. Content and blog writing is just a couple of many services that we offer here at Digital State Marketing.  We add new content to our client’s websites as well as services such as blog writing in order to ensure that your webpage ranks highly and you are optimising traffic toward your site. To find out more about our services and how we can optimise your business click here. We are the best way for you to ensure that you follow Googles best practices so that Google will rank you.