The Importance of SEO Technical Audits

//The Importance of SEO Technical Audits

The Importance of SEO Technical Audits

An SEO technical audit takes a comprehensive look of a website and provides a detailed examination which helps determine what aspects of the site can be improved to help further boost search engine rankings.

There are several reasons to perform an SEO technical audit for your website. One of the fundamental being that Google (as well other search engines) have developed, and will continue to develop, more sophisticated algorithms which can affect websites rankings in both positive and negative ways. They do this to ensure that they are always indexing the most authoritative webpages that contain relevant and useful content which will benefit the user the most.

One of the biggest points that is stressed in the world of SEO is the importance of quality of content. This is likely to be the main reason why a user is visiting your website. Content that holds value will entice people to return to the website or they may recommend it to another person, but most importantly it will convince them to continue using your website rather than try one of your competitor’s websites.

In the past it may have been easier for a website to rank higher if it had content stuffed full of keywords, ‘spammy’ backlinks, or duplicated content but Google have developed to counter these black hat SEO approaches. Due to the ever-changing algorithms, it’s vitally important that your website keeps up to date with the most effective and favourable SEO methods to ensure that you always continue to improve your current search rankings. Here at Digital State Marketing we are constantly adapting the strategies and techniques in our SEO technical audits (along with our other search marketing services) to maximise these results.

Our SEO technical audits take an in-depth look at various individual pages across the website throughout the course of a search marketing campaign and provide solutions on how to optimise those pages in order to receive the most traffic and conversions.

Extended from this, we also perform an overall website analysis. This section focuses on how your website can be improved as a whole – in terms both for the search engine and for the user. This is achieved by making sure the website matches specific criteria objectives by looking at elements such as: ensuring the website contains the right documents to enable efficient crawling, browser compatibility, general errors, canonical issues and many other different aspects of the website.

Overall, conducting an SEO Technical Audit for your website can provide a great insight, for the future, on how you can continue to grow and improve your business’s online presence. This will lead to achieving higher rankings as well as an improvement in conversions rates which can help bring more success to your business. For further information on our SEO technical audits contact a member of Digital State Marketing today.

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