The Importance of using a Search Marketing Company

//The Importance of using a Search Marketing Company

The Importance of using a Search Marketing Company

Digital marketing grows each year, yet not everyone is up to date with their knowledge of Search Marketing and what benefits using a search marketing company can bring.

Google is a massive battlefield and if you don’t put in a good fight you will lose your spot and people will take business from you. After all, we all know the business world is a crazy and fast paced one.

A good place to start is to ensure that your business or company is ready for your peak season. Setting a good plan of action is essential. A Search Marketing Company is a great way to start and can help you get ready and make the most of your busy period. Below are a few points to help get you started!

1.)  Get found more. Push your keyword rankings; Search Marketing Companies are great for helping you optimise your keywords. The higher up you rank on Google the more visible you are the more times your site is found and clicked on the more business you will gain.

2.)  Is your site fully compatible? Is your site user friendly, easy to navigate and can users go between pages at ease?  Here at Digital State Marketing we have an expert in house team ensuring that you have the correct landing pages and that your users are less likely to drop off your site.

3.)  Have you got a good links profile? Are they genuine, and do they link to the correct and relevant pages? Do you have too many ‘spammy’ links that will affect the way Google sees you or have you received a warning already? Link acquisition is extremely important. You want to ensure that you have high quality links with good, relevant websites that have a good mixture of domain authorities. Having links from a website with a lot higher domain authority can begin to look suspicious. If you have links linking to a website that does not have a higher domain authority as you can pull your website down. If you are unsure and have any question please contact us we will be happy to help.

4.)  Are you engaging in social media and the relevant social media platforms? The social media approach can be quite light hearted and relaxed. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Google + all these are different and important in their own way. Are you doing enough? Is your business page set up properly? Have you got a map listing on Google? These are all questions that can be answered if you go with a professional Search Marketing Company like ourselves. We can ensure that your social media campaigns are really reaching out to your users and gaining you that extra business that you need.

Contact us at Digital State Marketing today for more information and advice. We will be happy to help.

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