The Importance of Visuals in Content for Successful Search Marketing

//The Importance of Visuals in Content for Successful Search Marketing

The Importance of Visuals in Content for Successful Search Marketing

grab-themUsing visuals in content is essential and could make a huge difference to your search marketing campaign. Visuals include images, graphs, charts, maps and diagrams, and they are generally used to get the reader’s attention and then aid the reader’s understanding so their attention is maintained.

Visuals are used in content for a number of reasons, first and foremost to attract and maintain the attention of readers. Often, when looking for an article to read, we are put off by big chunks of text. Visual aids break up this text and make it appear less laborious to read, thus encouraging people to read what you have written. Visual aids also stimulate the reader whilst they are reading, so they are less likely to get bored of your content and leave the page. This is evidently good for your search marketing campaign as it will help decrease your bounce rate and increase interest in your site as a whole.

Visuals also help convey your information, especially if it is fairly complex. Graphs, for example, show data in a way that is easy for you to put forward and easy for the reader to digest. Rather than writing the data out, using a graph removes the complications of explaining data and this makes your life easier and your points clearer. Evidently, having information that is easy to understand is important for your search marketing campaign as readers will have no interest in information they cannot understand. This could lead to them never visiting your site again, or even deterring other users from using your site, thus affecting your reputation.

Even when the information is not particularly complicated, it can be beneficial for both you and the reader to use visuals. Imagine, for example, trying to direct a reader to a particular point on a webpage in writing compared to using a picture to show where it is. Writing out the explanation could be a lengthy process and may take up a significant amount of your piece. Equally, reading and following the instructions could take a fair amount of time and the reader may misunderstand the directions. If you use a visual, however, you could simply circle what it is you are referring to which takes seconds for you to do and seconds for the reader to see.

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